SOS Hotline (025 417 321 – available during the working days from 5 PM to 8 PM), together with Counselling center for psychological support, medical advice, and legal assistance is the elementary and most famous activity of NGO Women’s Alternative. Some of the biggest problems are experts deal with on SOS Hotline are psychological, legal and health aspects of family crisis and violence on women and children. Those are: problems of partner relationships which influence women and children, help with establishing parent’s rights and relations, labor market and social rights, etc.

SOS Hotline Sombor was founded because of the efforts of NGO Women’s Alternative members, and it is the only service of this kind in Western Backa region of Serbia. The experts working on SOS Hotline Sombor are of different professions, they are employed at the institutions of social welfare, law, health, and education, and are specially trained to provide help and support via telephone.

The basic purpose of SOS Hotline is to provide another form of social service primarily to women, girls and children – help in situations of crisis. During the time, the work of experts at SOS Hotline is recognized by the authorities, and close cooperation is established with a goal to provide help to the endangered.

Also, since November 2012, there is a unified SOS Hotline for women victims of violence in Vojvodina, available at 0800 10 10 10 during the working days from 10 AM to 8 PM. Every call to this number is free from both landlines and mobile phones. Specially educated consultants and experts from different areas (psychology, law, social welfare, etc) are working on this SOS Hotline. They are members of the organizations that form an SOS Network of Vojvodina.

The work of unified SOS Hotline is supported by the Provincial Secretariat for Social Politics, Demographics and Gender Equality, Telekom Srbija and Cooperative of Dutch Foundations for Central and Eastern Europe through a program of Social Transition held in a partnership with Balkans Foundation for Local Initiatives. Thanks to the support of Telekom Srbija, this hotline is free to every user.